Attorneys – Open a Client Referral Account

Every phone call is a potential source of revenue – even if your office doesn’t do that type of work you are the one with the lead on the line!
We understand a big motivator for referring attorneys is getting paid. We’ve had the problem ourselves – nothing worse than making a referral and finding out months or years later the client collected and you got nothing for your efforts! We’ve spent a lot of effort to provide the referral record-keeping you need right from the beginning – you never “Fall through the cracks”.

The process has 4 easy steps:
Register for a free attorney/firm account;
Make referrals;
Log-in and check on your referrals any time. Request an update if the status isn’t recent enough for you;
Get paid our standard 1/3 referral fee – that is, you receive 1/3 of the attorney fees we collect.  Open A Client Referral Account Today!


Once you create an account you can log in anytime and check on the referrals you’ve made, request updates and make other referrals. Even print out your referrals.
You cannot see other attorney’s referrals, nor can they see yours – ever.
By clicking a link for a client’s name, you can see all notes between you and the handling attorney regarding the referral. The list you get at log-in shows your referrals, the handling attorney, case type, referral status and critical dates.

Stop making uncompensated referrals. Open A Client Referral Account Today – HERE!

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